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Union Texturizing Creme

Made by 19 fifties, this lightweight styling creme provides textured definition and solid hold with a low-medium shine finish. Ideal for any shorter, textured hairstyles. Union Texturizing Creme is infused with natural ingredients, such as chaparral and safflower oil which moisturizes, nourishes and improves hair pliability. 


$26 + HST

Union Matt

Made by 19 fifties, this clay is designed to separate, define, and mould hair into place. It delivers a matte, pliable hold that will last all day. This is ideal for the fellas who are looking for a bit of control but nothing overbearing. Great for loose pomps, messy side parts and any bed head looks. Union Matte Clay is infused with natural ingredients such as cactus extract and candelilla wax that will leave your hair feeling healthy and stylish all day!


$26 + HST


Union Original Pomade

Made by 19 fifties, our original pomade has a New Look and Improved Formula. This water soluble pomade is classified as a traditional medium weight. Very reliable for an all day hold, and suitable for most hair types. It is ideal for tightly gripping and defining shine styles including pompadours, side-part comb-overs, and slick-backs. You'll have it made in the shade with this here pomade! 


$25 + HST

Trust the G
Beard Oil

Give your beard and skin a soft and smooth look that smells great. Our oil is good for all hair and skin types. Made with rich Vanilla that has a hint of coconut and Eucalyptus. Vanilla essential oil is known to bring tranquility and relaxation and is also an antioxidant. Eucalyptus essential oil is great for the skin because it acts as a stimulant. With these benefits and many other benefits, this oil will make you feel great and your significant other will thank you for it, as the vanilla is also known as an aphrodisiac.


$15 + HST